Sunday, June 27, 2010

J2EE & .NET Architects

Position: Permanent (Full time)
Job Country: Pakistan
Experience: 8-10 years
Company: Aspose Pty Ltd,
Tag line: Job requires both excellent business and technical skills


The candidate:
  • Should be a start-up and technology expert with proven measurable results in the following areas:
    • Cost Management
    • Time Management
    • Risk Management
    • Integration Management
    • Technology Strategy
    • Process Improvement
    • Development Planning
    • Resource Planning
    • Information Technology
    • Product Development
    • Enterprise Architecture
    • System Integration
  • Should be a generist possessing skills in multiple technologies.
  • Should have hands on experience and expertise in Java and .NET architectures.
  • Should have wide applied experience in agile and lean practices.
  • Should have wide knowledge of best coding practices and design patterns.
  • Should be able to perform business, technical, market and competition analysis of new and existing products to lead development teams in right direction and meet short-term/long-term goals.
  • Should be innovative to have great ideas and then bring those ideas to life by communicating with developers through design mockups.
  • Should be able to use mockup tools like Balsamiq Mockups for designing mockups and share them with development teams to discuss about products, features, deployment etc.
  • Should have excellent communication skills including written English.
  • Should be able to build new development teams by recruiting and mentoring promising prospects.
  • Should be able to effectively manage existing teams by leading from the front.
  • Should be highly pro-active and a true self-starter.

How to apply?

Please send your resume to jobs dot pakistan at aspose dot com with the subject of - J2EE & .NET Architects .